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Feburuary 1981 Chairman Kazuto Hisada founded "Hisada Sekkei" as a private enterprise at Tachibana, Naka-ku Nagoya and started designing business for new business incubation facilities.
December 1982 Started a business of food machinery design
May 1987 Started a business of industrial robots design
April 1991 Founded "Idea products section"
August 1996 Moved main office to 2-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya and incorporated a firm
Joined Nagoya Naka Hojinkai
Joined Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry
November 1997 License for special manpower dispatching business granted from the Ministry of Labor (now the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare)
January 1998 Capital increased to 10 million yen
Reorganized it into a corporation
Founded the Network section
May 1998 License for general class 2 telecommunications business granted from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (now the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
September 1998 Received participation designation of Nagoya City Association for Industrial technology Techno plaza Nagoya 98
March 1999 License for general manpower dispatching business granted from the Ministry of Labor (now the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare)
July 1999 Presented Art technical developed "Colorsk" at Techno plaza Nagoya joint products exhibition
March 2000 Founded office service section
April 2000 Qualified to join interministerial competitive biddings of the Japanese government
May 2000 Qualified to join competitive biddings of Nagoya City
July 2000 Qualified to join competitive biddings of Aichi Prefecture
October 2000 Obtained acknowledgement of fitting the requirements of Aichi Prefecture new and growth business field
Joined Computer Applied Technology Association
July 2001 Joined Aichi Information service industry Association
November 2001 Joined Japan Information Engineering trade center
January 2002 Capital increased to 30 million yen
June 2002 Founded Toyota technical, Ltd. as a sister company
July 2002 License for fee-charging employment placement business granted from the Ministry of Labor (now the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare)
January 2003 Capital of Toyota technical, Ltd. increased to 10 million yen and reorganized it into a corporation.
Founded Nagoya office of Toyota technical, Ltd.
April 2003 Founded general affairs section to correspond accurately to wide range of work
March 2003 Established in-house internship system
Established education system to improve 3 major skills, technology, communication and human management
July 2004 Introduced the G system, a digital paperless system
Promoted improved working environment for employees toward acquisition of ISO9001-2000
Promoted high-quality and global human resource development for its engineers under the corporate philosophy of "Quality, Speed, Service and Global Development."
August 2004 Held the 8th anniversary at the Nagoya International assembly hall
Developed company welfare system
April 2005 Founded a short study abroad program to improve staff member's English skill
Enforced ALE seminar, the 1st short study abroad program
August 2005 Founded Okinawa resort house for company welfare
December 2005 Developed approach to an overseas university and an international school
April 2006 Extended an offer of the job applications to a university to all over Japanan

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