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Business Outline  
Machine design engineeer
Automobile related products: body, power train, chassis
Product design, Molding die design, Machine tool design, Special-purpose machine design
Products Layout, Industrial robots design, Industrial robots system construction
• CAD system in use
3D: CATIA V4/V5, Caelum II, Pro/E, etc
2D: AutoCAD, etc

Software development engineer
Software design, development, operation support
System development, operation, management
Internet Server/LAN/WAN construction, programming
• Computer language in use
VB, VBA, Java, C, COBOL, C++, etc

Electric device development engineer
IC and microcomputer applications;
LSI design; design of digital and analog circuits including transmission wireless circuits, high-frequency circuits, and power supply circuits;
pattern design of logic circuits;
design of printed circuits for electronic devices

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